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An area of ' o' ring looks like a section of a rugby ball, or a ring where there are two normal channels, one is smaller than the other. This optical shape leads to astigmatism in the eye. The refractive error of the astigmatic eyes comes from a difference in the degree of curvature refraction of the two different meridians (i.e., the eye has different priorities in different levels). For example, the image clearly on the retina in the horizontal plane, but not in the vertical plane can concentrated. Astigmatism causes difficulties in fine detail, causing blurred vision to see. There are three options for the revitol eye cream where to buy uk treatment of astigmatism: glasses, contact lenses (toric contact lenses or rigid contact lenses) and refractive surgery. The reign of the astigmatism, placing a minus cylinder in the horizontal axis, refractive error to correct (or a cylinder on the vertical axis). Add a cylinder of less on the horizontal axis is the horizontal axis more steep (or better: it makes less steep vertical axis) which both axes and pending. Contre handle cylinder astigmatism more is on the horizontal axis (or bass drum on the vertical axis) added. The children were likely rule with astigmatism and older astigmatism contre regle have tend to have. Axis is recorded as an angle in degrees between 0 and 180 degrees against the clockwise direction. The 0 and 180 degrees in a horizontal line in the middle of the pupil seen by an observer, 0 is located on the right side of each eye astigmatism, whether regular or irregular, are a combination of external (surface of the cornea) and inner (posterior corneal surface, muscle human brain, retina, lens and fluids) optical properties of the interface causes. Some people can have optical larger impact and others have, they can dominate the internal optics. What it comes to, collapse trees and amounts of astigmatism Interior and exterior not necessarily, but the combination of the two, which by definition determines the optical eye group. The optical unit of the eye is expressed in general due to the refraction of a person; the contribution from the outside will be measured (front of the cornea) with techniques such as topography and Keratometry of corneal astigmatism. Scan vectors only a method for refractive surgery as surgery planning between topographic and refractive components is optimally distributed. Although mild astigmatism can be asymptomatic can astigmatism strabismus symptoms such as blurred vision, higher grade, cause eyestrain, fatigue, or headache. A series of tests by ophthalmologists and optometrists will determine during eye examinations are used to the presence of astigmatism and to quantify the amount and axis. Snellen chart or another card eye may be initially reduced Visual acuity uncover. An Ophthalmometer can be used to measure the curvature of the meridians on the anterior surface of the cornea steeper and flatter. The Jackson in a study can an AUTO REFRACTOMETER or Retinoscopy an objective assessment of the refraction of the eye and the use of the cylinder or breaking frames can be used to subjectively refine those measurements. Another technique with the Phoropter requires the use of a graphic Sunburst dial or clock on the axis of astigmatism and makes to determine. An Ophthalmometer can also be used to estimate astigmatism by finding the difference between the two main meridians of the cornea in energy. Javal's rule allows then the estimate of astigmatism to calculate. A further break technique rarely used, requires the use of a Raja of Stenopaic (a good opening notch) determines where the refraction in specific meridians-this technique the patient is particularly useful in cases where a high degree of astigmatism, or patients who suffer from irregular astigmatism of the refractive. Astigmatism can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery. Various refractive surgery eye health status and lifestyle considerations determine whether an option is better than the other. In patients with Keratoconus, some contact lenses allow patients often achieve the best prescription glasses. Once only in the rigid form available, toric lenses, as soft lenses are gas permeable, available. Astigmatism is caused by a problem such as z. B. deformation of the eyeball by a Chalazion, treatment of the underlying cause of astigmatism resolves. (LASIK and PRK) Laser eye surgery is effective in the treatment of astigmatism. These polar diagram, simulated Keratometry vectors (ADRS) says that positive cylinder refractive cornea aircraft (R) and astigmatism eye calculated number (s) (now). The length of the vectors is represented by the scope of the measures. This vector diagram of the double angle, the Cartesian coordinates to polar double conversion chart, but the size (length) of the vector remains the same. This view shows better, because now is the vector difference between the corneal astigmatism and refraction. A method of planning and analysis of the results / intraocular lens cataract astigmatism, cornea, refractive surgery is based on an approach vector analysis. The difference between vector and refractive corneal astigmatism cylinder (in the cornea) is known as the residual astigmatism eye (now) and is measured in diopters. Now is the astigmatism of the eye are not attributable to the anterior surface of the cornea. (Note now differs from so-called residual or residual astigmatism astigmatism was surgery, astigmatism after surgery). It's now also intraocular, lenticular astigmatism or noncorneal. Now is the minimum amount of astigmatism, which can remain in the optical system of the Assembly of the eye. Commonly performed refractive surgical techniques, such as LASIK, changing the shape of the front surface of the cornea. If the cylinder from the refractive corneal astigmatism in brightness or direction, will, no matter how well LASIK was performed the operation some residual astigmatism after. If as usual laser treatment is based only on the parameters of refraction, now everything remains in the cornea (90 ° in respect on the axis of time, because it is calculated to neutralize an hour). Laser treatment is exclusively based on the parameters of the cornea, refractive program now after the surgery. In this case, it is intuitively obvious that people with little or now a no better overview of what people with a higher level now. Studies have confirmed, that this LASIK is much less effective; found in the correction of astigmatism in the internal optics and on the other side, the efficacy of LASIK is significantly higher in people whose Astigmatismus is found mainly in the surface of the cornea. According to a US study published in archives of Ophthalmology, nearly three out of ten are (28%) and 4 children aged from 5 to 17 years of astigmatism. About the prevalence in adults, a new study in Bangladesh found that almost one-third (32. (4%) of the people over the age of 30 had astigmatism and,